Flagstaff History: Town Marshal set Speed ​​limit for wheeled vehicles 10 miles per hour

Flagpole is Date: Speed ​​Town Marshal set limit for wheeled vehicles 10 miles per hour Print E-mail. 2013-04-14T05: 00:00 Z Flagstaff History: Town Marshal speed limit on group-wheel drive vehicles for 10 mphSUSANNAH Carney newspapers in the Arizona sun. 24 minutes ago · • Susanna Carney (0). Reduce Budget pain work to reduce the pain of works budget. Author: David Oren, From: The Australian, 15 April 2013 00:00. · Increase text size Decrease text size Print · · · · Share Add to Digg Add to del.icio.us Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff · · Add to MySpace · More … Read more